10 Best Anime Characters With Floral Names

When it comes to anime, names can be very important. This is especially true for characters who have floral names. The flower names of these characters can telegraph their personalities, or they can also alert viewers to their roles in the show.

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While many characters with floral names are kind and sweet, many others aren’t befitting their delicate names. There are also anime characters who can be deadly or sweet depending on the situation and the person they are dealing with. Yet, no matter what, these anime characters embody the same variety found in the flora they are named for.

10 Karen Tendou Loses Her Cool (Gamers!)Karen Tendou from Gamers!

Karen Tendou is not only the most popular girl in school but also a gaming prodigy. As her name “lotus” or “lily” suggests, Karen is well put-together and always ensures she looks her best. However, Karen harbors a not-so-secret crush on the understated Keita Amano. As she interacts with him more, her feelings grow, causing her to lose her once-tight grip on her popular status.

Karen is a kind and personable girl whose first love is hitting her like a freight train. It does not help that her attempts to ask Amano out always seem to backfire, causing increasingly complicated misunderstandings. Although gamers! is great, fans hope it will have a second season, so they can see Karen and Amano’s relationship grow.

9 Ayame Sohma Has Dramatic Flair (Fruits Basket)

Ayame Sohma is a Fruit Basket character with a floral name. He is the older brother of Yuki and owns a specialty clothing shop. Ayame is also cursed with the snake zodiac. Despite his age, Ayame is very juvenile and loves to antagonize his younger brother.

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Much like the irises he is named after, Ayame has a dramatic flair that endears him to his friends. Though Kyo and Yuki are not impressed by his flamboyance, Ayame still retains his popularity. Ayame hopes to eventually persuade Yuki that he does care for him, and wants to repair their tarnished relationship from childhood. Despite his eccentricities, Ayame is a fan-favorite character who easily charms the people with whom he comes into contact.

8 Hanako-kun Gladly Accepts His New Name (Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun)

Although Hanako is not his real name, the ghost of the girls’ bathroom and the Seventh Wonder of Kamome Gakuen has adopted the name to live up to the urban legend. Hanako is a playful but fearsome ghost who knows how to intimidate. While he is still a young teen, he is the leader of the Seven Wonders and works to keep everything in balance.

Despite his passing, Hanako seems to have developed some level of feelings for protagonist Nene Yashiro. While he often acts immature toward her, he also saves her on countless occasions and is helping her find a way to undo her mermaid curse. A lot is still unknown about Hanako, but fans hope that Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun will continue, so they can see more of the fun-loving ghost in action.

7 Saki Hanajima Reads The Waves (Fruit Basket)

Saki Hanajima, also known as Hana-chan, is the dark, but caring friend of Tohru Honda in Fruit Basket. Despite her floral nickname, Hana-chan tends to be cold and terrifying to those who mess with her or her friends. Additionally, her ability to read people’s waves and personalities makes her even scarier to those who do not know her.

Hana-chan is a loyal and fiercely protective friend. She handily deals with any person who tries to mess with Tohru and is always concerned for Tohru’s well-being. While she had some difficult elementary years, her time as Tohru’s friend has taught her that the people who matter most will always be there when someone needs them.

6 Sakura Kinomoto Has A Bubbly Personality (Cardcaptor Sakura)Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto is an elementary schooler who acquires magical powers in Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura is a fun-loving girl who loves her friends and family and will do anything to protect them. She is especially close to her older brother Touya, and her cousin Tomoyo Daidouji, who makes Sakura’s battle costumes.

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Sakura is small but tough as she works to recapture all the Clow Cards that she accidentally released. Though she can be a little spacey at times, Sakura always succeeds in the end. Sakura is a shining example that girls can be feminine and powerful at the same time.

5 Lily Is A Great Listener (Recovery Of An MMO Junkie)Recovery of an MMO Junkie main characters

Lily is the virtual persona of Yuta Sakurai, an office worker who enjoys gaming in his spare time. Although Lily and Sakurai are one and the same, viewers are not initially aware of her true identity in Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Sakurai as Lily is a kind and compassionate person who helps Hayashi, the avatar of Moriko Morioka, progress in the game “Fruits de Mer.”

Just like her name, Lily is a sweet character. She listens intently to Hayashi’s problems, and would never dream of judging anyone for their choices. Her calm presence helps Hayashi through his struggles, and the two even begin to form a bond stronger than friendship. Lily is a gracious and selfless character who always brightens everyone’s day.

4 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Tempers Her Meister (Soul Eater)

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is the weapon of Meister, Black Star, in the anime Soul Eater. Although Tsubaki has a shy personality, she is a fearsome weapon who works well with the brash and reckless Black Star. Tsubaki often resents her name, since it comes from a flower with no smell, but she rises above her moniker to become one of the sweetest characters in the show.

Although Tsubaki and Black Star are not as powerful as Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, they are a strong duo who fight well together. Overall, Tsukabi is a loyal and generous person who tempers her Meister’s bizarre antics.

3 Hanako Koyanagi Is A Fiery Friend (Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku)

Hanako Koyanagi is an outspoken office worker, whose love of BL manga and cosplay is practically unrivaled, except maybe by her friend, Narumi Momose. Koyanagi is very open about her interests and asks others to give new things a chance before they decide against them. She is a strong advocate for the otaku life and regularly attends cons dressed in crossplay.

Koyanagi can have a temper, but she also has a compassionate heart. She is always on-call when it comes to her friends, and she gives them her best advice as the situation calls. Koyanagi is a fun and fiery character in Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otakuwho isn’t afraid to divert from the delicate meaning of her given name, “Flower-child”.

2 Violet Evergarden Has A Kind Soul (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden was an excellent soldier before she was injured and the war ended. Now, she works as an Auto Memories Doll, writing and learning about love. Violet has little knowledge of the world, but she does her best to adapt to her new surroundings all while searching for her beloved Major Bougainvillea in Violet Evergarden.

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Violet has a kind and beautiful soul. She goes above and beyond her duties to help the people she writes for and learns a lot along the way. Though she did not have a pleasant life before she met the Major, fans are glad that Violet finds peace and fulfillment in her new life.

1 Mei Kusakabe Finds The Wonder Of The Forest (My Neighbor Totoro)

Mei Kusakabe is a little girl who moves with her family to the countryside after her mother is hospitalized in My Neighbor Totoro. Mei is very imaginative, which is why her older sister, Satsuki, does not initially believe her when Mei tells her she saw a forest spirit in the woods. Fortunately, Satsuki later meets the enormous Totoro, who helps the girls see the beauty of the land.

Mei’s name can be written with the kanji for “sprout,” in reference to her youth and energy. Mei reminds fans of what it was like to be a small child. Her inquisitiveness inspires many audiences to recapture their childhood wonder. Although she tends to be stubborn, Mei brightens people’s days with gifts and stories from nature.

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