20 Forgotten Video Game Franchises That Deserve a Comeback


8. Mechasault

One day, someone is going to be able to explain to me why there seem to be fewer giant mech games on the market than ever before. Until that day comes, I’ll be left to fondly think back on the mechasault games.

Truth be told, there’s not a lot to the mechasault games. They let you hop in a mech, complete a few missions, and try to feel bad about some of the property damage you inevitably cause. Yet, it’s their simplicity that made them special. They weren’t trying to simulate what it would be like to pilot a mech, and they weren’t trying to get in the way of your good time. They were the kind of “pick up, play, and enjoy” experiences that feel a lot rarer now than they probably should.

No One Lives Forever

7. No One Lives Forever

While I tried to limit the number of franchises on this list that we haven’t really forgotten about due to the internet’s fondness for them, No One Lives Forever is always going to be an exception to most rules.

the No One Lives Forever games were essentially spy movie parodies disguised as early 2000s first-person shooters. Not only were they genuinely funny (a rare feat in gaming to this day), but their campaigns remain some of the best solo adventures in FPS history. While this franchise does indeed appear to be stuck in the deepest pits of licensing hell, it really is worthy of the sometimes overwhelming love that it has received from forlorn fans over the years.

Legacy of Kain

6. Legacy of Kain

Like a few of the games on this list, it’s not really difficult to figure out what happened to the Legacy of Kain series. Even at their best, the games were aimed at a slightly smaller audience who were ready to lose themselves in a truly weird world of vampires that often demanded that you memorize a small encyclopedia of mythology. At their worst…well, at their worst the games just weren’t very good.

For all their many, many problems, though, the Legacy of Kain games were usually just a bit too ambitious for their own good. However, with a few of the refinements introduced and honed by a new era of 3D action games, I truly believe that this franchise could finally smooth its rough gameplay edges and focus on its wonderful worldbuilding. It’s just a matter of finding a team that is ready to take on a project quite this daunting.

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