5 Best mobile NFT games | Top games to earn cryptos

We are living in a world that has shrunk to the digital devices in our pockets. One of the best outcomes of the smartphone era has to be mobile games. You can play when you eat, travel, and sleep, thanks to the innumerable games available at our fingertips. The last two years saw a new shift in mobile gaming, deriving use cases from NFT and blockchain technologies. They not only allow you to interact with players across the globe but also monetize your passion for gaming.

In this article, we take a look at the best mobile NFT games and how you can earn crypto using them.

Which are the best mobile NFT games?

  • Silks — The best metaverse mobile game to earn crypto
  • Mobox — The best GameFi platform
  • Plant vs Undead — The best play-to-earn mobile game
  • CryptoKitties — The best pet NFT game
  • Skyweaver — The best mobile card trading game

Top games to earn cryptos: reviewed

lks — The best metaverse mobile game to earn crypto

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In our research covering dozens of NFT mobile gaming projects, we find that Silks deserves the top position for its unique gaming mechanics and mixed-reality environment. The project mirrors the real world of the $11 billion US Thoroughbred Horse Racing industry that has always done well in all market conditions, even through recessions. This year too has been terrific for thoroughbred horse sales and purses.

Silks aims to ‘introduce the excitement of thoroughbred racing to a new tech-driven and culturally distinct generation of enthusiasts,’ as stated in the whitepaper. For this, it integrates massive data sets representing thoroughbred bloodlines, training progress, and racing results to the blockchain in a community-owned gaming model.

Since thoroughbred yearlings are auctioned off for an average of $60,000 every year, Silks Horses make for one of the most coveted NFTs to collect this year. They are central to the Silks economy, opening up streams of income. For example, you earn rewards every time the real-world counterpart of your Silks Horse wins a race or breeds offspring.

The inaugural Silks Horse Collection will go live in the fall of 2022. To avoid the initial investment barrier to the platform, Silks introduces Horse syndication, which allows you to buy fractional NFTs of Silks Horses. This way, you can diversify your Silks Horse collection and mitigate the risks attached to thoroughbred horse racing as well.

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Apart from Silks Horses, the metaverse launches Silks Avatar, Land, and Stable NFTs. You need a Silks Avatar to buy a Silks Horse. The Genesis Silks Avatar collection is currently available for purchase on OpenSea. They determine your identity in the metaverse. In less than three months of launch, Genesis Silks Avatars have become the #15 selling Ethereum Sports NFT of all time on Open Sea. The collection has also made the prestigious Nansen.ai Gaming 50 Index. The NFTs are held by top investors and investment firms from the BAYC, CryptoPunks, and Decentraland communities. Since its launch in April 2022, the floor price of the collection has gone up 4X.

To meet the rising demand, Silks has decided to launch another 5,000 Genesis Avatars to the public. The first mint was scheduled for Friday, July 29, 2022. It will be super special as every Avatar that is bought during the mint will
automatically receive a claim for Silks Land, after they’ve been HODLed for 45 days. Since the supply is limited, a user can claim a maximum of two NFTs only. It is also important to note that the pricing is tiered. So, get to Silks and be the first in line to get your Avatar and claim your SIlks Land.

To find out more, join the conversation on the Silks Discord server.

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Mobox — The best GameFi platform

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MOBOX is not a game, but a community-driven GameFi platform that hosts multiple games like MOMoverse, ChainZ Arena, and Token Master. It integrates NFTs, entertainment, and DeFi technology into the gaming space, incentivizing players to interact with the platform.

The project’s long-term goal is to introduce an NFT metaverse that expands the utility of NFTs through interoperable games and platforms. It will have an independent ecology powered by a complex scientific economic system. The metaverse will be designed to attract players from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Currently, you can download MOBOX on Android and iOS devices. The project is backed by a team of crypto enthusiasts who have years of experience in game development. In addition to that, the project has a public chain underway that will be set apart by near-instant interactions, interoperability with other smart chains, scalability, and zero gas fees.

Plant vs Undead — The best play-to-earn mobile game

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If you’re a Plants vs. Zombies gamer, you will find the core concepts of Plants vs. Undead familiar. The play-to-earn game features a multiplayer tower-defense mode where players own their own plants as NFTs. It has gained popularity over the years for its dynamic reward system and irresistible theme. Here, you witness strange and deadly diseases that originate from the meteors. They have turned the living beings of the planet into fierce ‘Undead’ that are on a mission to destroy all life forms, including plants. Your goal is to fight these creatures and save the planet from its doomsday.

The different varieties of ‘Plants’ are the digital assets of the platform which help you in the fight against the Undead. You must be wondering how inanimate plants can lead a fight? Therein lies the excitement. You will uncover this as you level up your game as a ‘Farmer’. You can collect and grow Seeds to collect rewards from the platform. However, the key distinguishing factor of the platform is that it breaks the initial investment barrier, common to most NFT games. Farmers embark on their journey with one ‘Mother Tree’ and six basic non-NFT plants. They will have utility in all games. As you collect more in-game tokens, you can collect ‘Seeds’ and grow them into any Plant, which can then be sold at NFT marketplaces.

CryptoKitties — The best pet NFT game

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Crypto Kitties is one of the earliest NFT games to become popular. It is currently available on mobile devices as well. The game is centered around adorable digital creatures called CryptoKitties. If you have been following the NFT market for some time now, you should know that they were a rage back in the days.

The in-game breeding mechanism keeps the game going. The goal is to acquire rare CryptoKitties through breeding. You can then sell them in the market. Their value varies depending on their unique traits and how they impact the gameplay. The offspring’s appearance and attributes are determined by each parent’s 256-bit genome and an element of chance. Quite surprisingly, this leads to 4-billion possible genetic variations.

You can also crack puzzles alongside other players, create collections and earn rewards, chase limited edition Fancy cats, and play games in the KittyVerse. CryptoKitties was launched by a team of enthusiastic startup founders, crypto experts, and award-winning developers. They are continuously adding value to the game and the NFTs through new updates.

Skyweaver — The best mobile card trading game

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We wrap up this list with Skyweaver, a browser-based cross-platform card that combines advanced strategic gameplay with a player-owned marketplace. You can own, trade, and gift your Skyweaver cards. Interestingly, up to 500 base cards can be unlocked for free.

Skyweaver is focused on rewarding skills rather than initial capital and purchases. It allows you to climb the leaderboards and get rewarded each time you flaunt your gaming skills. While the weekly reward system distributes tradable Silver NFT cards, conquests give out rare limited edition Gold NFT cards. They can be traded, exchanged, or kept as per your liking. Being eternal Skyweaver cards are never banned nor taken out of play. The value you add to your cards and decks remains there.

You can customize your deck as per your gaming style. To find out which ones are performing the best, just take a look at the stats on the deck leaderboard. The vivid, complex graphics of the game and the strategically designed gameplay make it one of the best mobile NFT games out there.

The gaming market is flooded with NFT and blockchain projects. It is important to find projects that are worth your money if you’re in it for the long term. All the projects listed above feature gaming mechanics and play-to-earn models that can capture a wide group of gamers.

However, if you’re looking for an NFT game with the highest growth potential, the answer is Silks. The derivative NFT platform puts forward an extensive metaverse with a vibrant economy, bringing thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse.

Get your Silks Avatar today and claim your spot in the Silks Horse Mint. Join the Silk community on Twitter and Discord to receive the latest updates.

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