5 Free Indie Games To Pass The Time While We’re All Broke

Nothing is sweeter than free games.

If you’re reading this, you clearly do not wish to spend any money. You want to play a game for free and are within your rights to do so. While any game can technically be played for free (albeit through legally and ethically dubious channels), some games exist online that you do not have to pay for and can play without the threat of a court appearance. wow!

In an attempt to tickle any sort of fancy, I’ve found a few free games over on Itch.io that I can happily recommend to any game wanting to whittle a bit of time away without having to spend any money. Have fun!

Mondays: a Sisyphean Typing Game

5 Free Indie Games To Pass The Time While We're All Broke
Image: Max & Alex Robins

Mondays: a Sisyphean Typing Game is a free-to-play typing game developed by brothers Max & Alex Robins where you are pushing a giant rock up an endless hill. However, you do not use the arrow keys to push the rock or even the WASD keys. Instead, the rock is pushed up the hill by correctly typing out the most generic corporate emails that you could possibly imagine. Get one letter wrong, and you roll all the way back down that hill.

The game is a logical pairing of writing bland professional emails and the tale of Sisyphus, a king in Greek mythology that Zeus and Hades sentenced to spend the rest of his days rolling a rock up a hill, all for the crime of being too much of a genius to die.

Stick It To The Stickman

5 Free Indie Games To Pass The Time While We're All Broke
Image: Call of the Void

Stick It To The Stickman is a rogue-lite physics brawler where you go around fighting other stickmen to save your job. I don’t know about you guys, but I used to play a lot of games like this as a kid in the ol’ Flash game days, so this is a nice bit of nostalgia.

However, this game is definitely a step up from the stickman games of the internet’s past. As you continue in Stick It To The Stickman, you can collect better and more powerful moves to make keeping your job a lot easier. This game is wacky as hell and a lot of fun.


5 Free Indie Games To Pass The Time While We're All Broke
Image: ReaImpact

leftovers is a horror game that infuses 2D and 3D colorless graphics for a creepy experience. You play a little child asked by his mother to distribute her leftovers to the other people in your building. Some of them are nice, but most of them are weird and spooky.

The game isn’t super action-packed but is excellent for anybody wanting to feel very uncomfortable. The art style is wonderfully wicked, and the characters that live in your building are all quite uniquely weird.

Her Trees

5 Free Indie Games To Pass The Time While We're All Broke
Image: stone

HER TREES is a point-and-drag puzzle game where you must complete a set of unusual puzzles to escape from different rooms. Unfortunately, you can’t collect anything. All you can do is use the tools you find in each room and the board of letters on the right of the screen.

The puzzles are a real head-scratcher, so much so that the developer even includes hints AND answers within the game if you’re struggling. Definitely one of the most fascinating puzzle games I’ve played.


5 Free Indie Games To Pass The Time While We're All Broke
Image: aisyahtsu

return is a very short experiential game about struggling with the passing of a beloved pet. It is a game on the gentler side, but I decided to include it because it’s perfect for anybody looking for a good cry.

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