China and Russia vetoed new UN sanctions on North Korea for the first time since 2006

The move comes after more than a dozen North Korean ballistic missile tests this year, all of which violated previous UN resolutions and which US officials argued needed another international response. A resolution needs nine “yes” votes and no vetoes by the permanent members of Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom or the United States … Read more

‘Stop playing’ with Russia, end war: Zelenskiy tells West

Ukraine president critical of EU, urges tougher sanctions ‘Stop playing’ with Russia, end ‘senseless war’-Zelenskiy Russia forces reach key highway from Donbas cities Kyiv says 25 battalions involved in assault Russia warns West against giving long-range arms KYIV, May 27 (Reuters) – President Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged the West to stop playing around with Russia and … Read more

Russian forces have lost about 1,000 tanks in Ukraine so far, according to senior US defense official

This video footage, published by Ukraine’s Armed Forces, shows the devastating impact of shells from a Russian TOS-1A hitting Ukrainian positions near Novomykhailivka in the Donetsk region on May 26. (Armed Forces of Ukraine/Cover Images/Reuters) Russian forces are applying a wide array of weapons across several fronts in eastern Ukraine as they try to break … Read more

Singaporean man terrorizes neighbors day and night for 11 years by banging on apartment walls

Residents at an apartment complex in Hougang, Singapore, are being terrorized by a neighbor who has been incessantly banging on his apartment walls for 11 years. The 41-year-old man has been reported to the police and the Housing Development Board (HDB) multiple times to no avail. His next-door neighbor of him created a TikTok account … Read more

Iraq passes law to criminalize relations with Israel | Israel-Palestine conflict News

Violators of the anti-Israel law could face penalties including life imprisonment or even the death sentence. Iraq’s parliament has passed a law that makes it a crime to normalize ties with Israel, and violations of the law can be punishable with a death sentence or life imprisonment. The law, titled “Criminalizing Normalization and Establishment of … Read more