Daemon’s Newly Revealed Weakness Gives Code the Upper Hand

In Chapter 71 of the Boruto manga, Code just got the upper-hand in the villains’ civil war by learning of Daemon’s weakness in battle.

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 71 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “Hindrance,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

boruto fans were shocked by Eida’s arrival into the franchise, and even more so by her omnipotent powers. She could predict the future while also using her all-seeing eyes to trace back history as well, up to the point when she was created. This is why Code partnered with the cyborg, hoping she could help him sacrifice Boruto and carry out Isshiki’s will — draining Earth’s chakra with the Ten Tails, so he could eat the chakra fruit and move on as Isshiki’s chosen vessel to another world.

However, Eida’s younger brother Daemon has proved to be an even scarier figure. Not only was he lightning-fast and one of boruto‘s most powerful characters in terms of raw strength, but he could also reflect any attacks — even if his opponent was just thinking of it. It made him into a mischievous god but in Chapter 71 of the manga, Code figured out the boy’s weakness as a nasty civil war played out.

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Code wanted to kill Amado after kidnapping the ex-Kara scientist. He really hated the traitor as Amado helped Konoha take Isshiki out, and what made this the opportune moment was that Amado had just removed Code’s limiters. This allowed him full access to Isshiki’s power, which made the sinister Amado expendable.

Amado worked his forked tongue, however, telling Eida at their lair that he could help her win Kawaki’s affections. All she had to do was take up Shikamaru’s offer and seek refuge in Konoha, which could allow her to woo the one person impervious to her abilities. Code grew livid as he has feelings for Eida too — all due to her powers of infatuation — but when Code tried to cut Amado to pieces, Daemon battered him.

Despite Code accessing Isshiki’s might, Daemon used his reflective abilities and speed to bruise him — but the servant Bug yelled out Daemon’s flaw during the fracas. For him to use the reflection, the tiny mite has to be touching someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s his opponents or random folks nearby; once Daemon’s palms rest on human skin, he can whip the attacks back even without seeing them coming. However, Code couldn’t capitalize and had to retreat with Bug.

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Despite having to retreat, the developments in boruto Chapter 71 give Code time to hone his newfound power and strategize a bit better. He’s overly emotional right now as he wants everyone in the Hidden Leaf dead, especially knowing his beloved Eida may go there to be with Kawaki. Bug is also a big asset because he could help Code level up and plan tactics, knowing where Eida and Daemon’s weak spots are.

Code is ultimately just as unhinged as ever, which can easily lead to him plotting to cut Daemon’s hands off and remove the reflection jutsu. It seems cruel, but he knows Daemon is a destroyer and the bodyguard standing in his way of getting Eida — and finishing the mission Isshiki started with the God Tree.

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