Dinkum: How to Play Multiplayer

Dinkum is a new Australian farming simulation and survival game released as Early Access for PC via Steam. Its colorful world and aesthetics grab the attention of many players. Although it is fun to play the game solo, playing it with friends will double the pleasure of the experience. So here’s how to play multiplayer in Dinkum.

How to Play Multiplayer Dinkum

In the world of dinkum, players can make their islands, and completing tasks and building things can make their island more beautiful. It is essentially the mixture of Stardew Valley with Animal Crossing. There are also many NPCs you can talk to and help them with tasks they have. But you can also invite your friends and have a gathering on your island.

how to play multiplayer dinkum

In the multiplayer mode, four players can be on an island, one host, and three guests. But if you have tried to get into the multiplayer mode in dinkum, you might have faced an error. When you start the game, you can see the multiplayer option on the menu, but when you click on it, an error appears saying: “You don’t have any characters to play multiplayer with!”

Passing this error is relatively easy. First, you need to create a single-player file and go through the first in-game day. Once your character goes to sleep and wakes up the next day, your character and island will be saved.


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Then go back to the main menu and click on the multiplayer button, and you will see that you can assess the multiplayer section of the game. Whether the host or a visitor, you must play and finish the first day in single-player mode to access the multiplayer selection. From the multiplayer menu, you can choose to check the public islands or decide to make your session.

Dinkum is available as Early Access for PC.

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