Elden Ring Player Discovers Genius Combat Trick After 400 Hours

Elden Ring boasts a massive open world filled to the brink with monsters and deadly enemies of all shapes and sizes. Elden Ring doesn’t pull its punches, with many enemies in the game capable of killing players in just a few hits. Because of how dangerous the enemies in Elden Ring are, it’s imperative that players use every tool they have at their disposal to get an advantage. However, there are so many weapons and items in Elden Ring that it’s not uncommon for players to go their entire playthrough without even realizing they had a super helpful item in their inventory the entire time.


That’s what happened with Reddit user Kakattikoi, who made a discovery about Elden Ring combat after playing the game for over 400 hours. while other Elden Ring players may already know about it, based on the comments on Kakattikoi’s post, it seems that many others had no idea. as it turns out, Elden Ring players can utilize a specific item in the game to give them a big advantage over golem enemies, making some tough encounters that much easier.

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As seen in the video, Elden Ring crystal darts can be used to turn golem enemies against each other. In the video, fans can see the two giant golems start attacking each other after they’ve been hit with enough crystal darts to trigger the effect. With the giants busy fighting each other, the Elden Ring player can simply wait for their fight to get over, taking out the remaining golem and collecting a bunch of easy runes in the process.

It was pointed out in the comments of the post by user satincoffins that it’s also possible to do the same thing with the gargoyles that players encounter at various points in Elden Ring‘s open world. The giant gargoyle enemies are made of stone and prove to be a considerable threat, but Elden Ring players can utilize crystal darts to make things easier on them. The downside is that this trick does not work during one of the game’s trickier boss fights.

In Nokron, Eternal City, Elden Ring players come face to face with a boss called Valiant Gargoyle, which is basically a more powerful version of the gargoyles encountered elsewhere in the game. Once players have managed to deplete Valiant Gargoyle’s health by about half, it is joined by Valiant Gargoyle Twinblade. At this point, Elden Ring players have to fight two bosses at the same time, which can be a considerable challenge, to say the least.

There are ways to cheese the Elden Ring gargoyle boss fight by making them fall off a nearby cliff, but it seems that players can’t use the crystal dart method to make things easier on themselves. Even so, the crystal darts can still be used to make some of the other enemy encounters in Elden Ring much easier.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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