Fan discovers secret in 28-year-old game Super Punch-Out!! for the Super Nintendo

A modder doing some “request work” on the 28-year-old Super Nintendo game ‘Super Punch-Out!!’ discovered some unknown cheat codes for the game, allowing players to manually select opponents and even allow a second player to control the AI.

Unlisted Cheats, which is a Twitter account specializing in “secrets nobody heard about until now,” discovered two additional cheat codes for Super Punch-Out!!, a Super Nintendo boxing game.

Previously, the only cheats known for the game included a sound test mode and a Japanese name input cheat.

Cheat codes, for the uninitiated, are a sequence of inputs via a controller that unlock bonuses or “cheats” for games.

These cheats ranged from the useful (extra lives, invincibility, and so on) to the hilarious (If your game doesn’t have Big Head Mode, you’re doing something wrong.)

Cheat codes were prevalent before the advent of the internet, but newer releases usually don’t have them anymore.

The first newly-discovered cheat unlocks a Mega Man-styled Stage Select screen, allowing the player to select any opponent from the game at will.

This cheat can be activated by holding R and Y on Controller 2, followed by pressing A or Start on Controller 1.

Once activated, the second cheat can be put in. Selecting a fighter of choice will bring you to their details page, which is where you can put the next sequence in. Hold down Controller 2’s B and Y buttons, followed by pressing A or Start on Controller 1. This allows the second controller to control the opponents, which are normally CPU-driven.

The codes were likely created as a way to “debug”, or discover and fix errors within the game, but users in the Twitter thread theorise that they could have been attempting to implement a two-player mode.

Eurogamer tested this sequence on the Nintendo Switch Online version of the game and found that it does work, and others have described the cheats working on the SNES Mini console as well.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF


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