‘Far Cry 6’ is free to play this weekend

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 6 will be free to play this weekend, with players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Stadia and PC able to take part.

The free weekend will run until August 8 and alongside the base game, players will also have access to every bit of downloadable content (DLC) Ubisoft has released since launch.

Since its release last October, Far Cry 6 has added new special operations and free crossover missions featuring the likes of Danny Trejo, Rambo and Stranger Things.

It’s also added three major downloadable content episodes as part of the Season Pass – Vaas:Insanity, Pagan:Control, and Joseph:Collapse.

As well as being free to play for the next few days, Ubisoft has also announced a string of discounts for those looking to own the game outright. According to Ubisoft, “all progress will carry over if you decide to upgrade to the full game.”

PC players are currently able to get 60 per cent off all editions of the game and 50 per cent off the Season Pass and all three DLCs. Until August 15, both standard and gold editions of Far Cry 6 for Xbox are available for 60 per cent off, while the season pass is available for 50 per cent.

As part of the PlayStation Store’s summer sale, players can get the deluxe edition of Far Cry 6 for 45 per cent of its usual retail price, while the ultimate edition is available with a 60 per cent saving.

In a four star review of the game, NME wrote: “At a superficial level, Far Cry 6 has a lot to love. Far Cry 6 is a ‘good’ game in the traditional sense. Lots of players will get a kick out of the unfocused shooting, letting you rampage across the countryside blowing up anything unlucky enough to be painted red. But it doesn’t really succeed at any level outside of ‘being fun’.”

“This is the same old Far cryand adding in a few pets and a surprisingly likeable protagonist in the shape of Dani Rojas doesn’t do a good job of making the game ‘political’ and instead the series seems to be getting more and more ridiculous, lampooning the political situation of its setting in what feels like a bitter missed opportunity.”

In other news, Microsoft is testing a shared Xbox Game Pass membership, which will allow up to four people to be added to an existing subscription.

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