Google Search adds ‘Play Now’ button for cloud gaming

If you’re not sure where to stream a show or movie you’ve been recommended, a quick Google of the title is always your friend. Now, the search giant is doing the same for video games.

In a sign of just how far game streaming is coming along, Google is adding a ‘Play Now’ card to search results for hit games like Destiny 2.

It helps, of course, that Google has its own Stadia streaming service it needs to promote, but there’s also room for other platforms like Nvidia’s GeForce Now. According to a 9to5Google report, the company is also surfacing results for Amazon’s Luna streaming service and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

It appears the feature isn’t widely available yet, as we’re currently not seeing the Play Now options within search results. However, those currently seeing the options can click Play to be transported to the dedicated app on Google Play, for services like Stadia.

Once the feature is available to all users it’ll be an extremely handy guide to finding the games in question. For games that are available on multiple services users will quickly be able to choose which one, while those exclusive titles will now be easier to track down.

Cloud gaming is having a Stella year in 2022, with Microsoft picking up its efforts, and the likes of Facebook and Amazon getting further involved. Samsung TVs now have a gaming hub featuring all of the major cloud gaming services and we expect more manufacturers to follow.

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