How to Complete the Fatal Fashionista Challenge

The newest BitLife challenge, the Fatal Fashionista Challenge, has arrived! The challenge asks you to live as an Italian fashion designer who commits murder and gets away with it through bribes! This guide will explain how to complete the Fatal Fashionista Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Fatal Fashionista Challenge in BitLife

BitLife Fatal Fashionista

The newest BitLife challenge, the Fatal Fashionista, has five tasks you need to complete:

  • Be born a female in Italy
  • Become a fashion designer
  • Kill 3+ coworkers
  • Poison your spouse
  • Bribe the cops to avoid arrest

To begin, create a new female character and select Italy as your starting country. It doesn’t matter which city you choose. Age up until your character turns 18 to unlock access to full-time employment and murder in the Crime tab under Activities. Since having a criminal record will prevent you from getting a job, the easiest way to complete the challenge is by becoming a fashion designer first before continuing with the rest of the tasks.

To become a fashion designer, head to the full-time job listings and scroll down until you find Jr. Fashion Designer. Apply for the job and pass the interview to get the position. From here, work hard each year until you receive a promotion.

At this point, the hardest part is successfully killing at least three coworkers. Since you’ll lose your job after getting caught and arrested, your goal is to either not get caught at all or successfully bribe and escape the police multiple times. The best way to do this is to use stealthier methods for the first two kills, such as a hit and run or poisoning, then another method for the third that is likely to garner the police’s attention.

From here, you can attempt to bribe the cops. However, you’re not guaranteed to succeed at the bribery attempt, especially if the cops are very professional. If this happens, you can restart your BitLife app before getting caught to re-attempt the kill. Alternatively, you can save the bribery attempt for the spouse’s murder and just stick to three easy kill attempts to get the task out of the way with little risk.

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After successfully working as a fashion designer, making plenty of money and killing multiple coworkers, find a romantic partner and marry them. It doesn’t matter how wealthy they are, but ideally, you’ll find someone who is not in debt so that you can keep your bank balance relatively high. Once you get married, poison your spouse! If you haven’t gotten caught by the cops yet, you’ll have to attempt to now or commit an additional murder that is slightly more obvious. Since poison is one of the stealthiest methods in the game, you’re unlikely to get caught, but it is still definitely possible.

Regardless of the method you use to commit murder, there is a chance you won’t succeed. You’ll either not kill the person and get caught by the police or, in some cases, get killed yourself. If your attempts fail, you can restart the BitLife app once the pop-up appears. Furthermore, if the police do find you, attempt to bribe them if you haven’t already. If they deny the bribe and arrest you anyway, you can escape prison and commit more crimes to retry. Have at least one successful bribery attempt to finish the challenge.

Once you complete these tasks, you will successfully finish the Fatal Fashionista Challenge in BitLife. For more information about a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.

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