It’s Your Last Chance To Play All Of ‘Outriders’ For Free Ahead Of Worldslayer Expansion

Outriders is about to launch its first major expansion, Worldslayer, on Tuesday, June 28 next week, and right now, the game is doing a special promotion where the entire thing is free to download and play through tomorrow, Thursday, June 23. Technically I’m a few days late with the reminder here, and Square Enix is ​​apparently stopping this promotion over the weekend to see if people are hooked enough to buy the full game ahead of Monday, when the $40 expansion launches.

Can you beat the Outriders campaign in a day? Probably, if you really go for it and keep difficulty low. But even a few hours should give you an impression of the game, and as your resident loot shooter expert, in the wake of high profile failures like Anthem and Marvel’s Avengers, I actually consider Outriders a rare success story in this genre, at least in terms of how it plays. They really, really managed to swipe all the best lessons and mechanics from Diablo, and the game is both extremely fun to play once you get the combat loop going (hint, almost never use cover, which is for the enemies, not you), and it has a very, very robust endgame loot and leveling loop that is only going to expand further in the Worldslayer expansion.

I have recommended this game since it fixed its technical issues at launch (though the inventory wipe bug was one of the worst I’d ever seen in the genre at the time), and I still recommend it now. If this is your genre, this is an extremely mechanically, economically sound entry that I think more people should play. I even liked the story.

As for Worldslayer, I’m not really allowed to talk about it yet, past what preview stuff has already been shared in early tests/first impressions pieces. That would be the first few levels and some of the new endgame systems, like a Paragon-style skill point XP system and new mini trees for each class. I like what I’ve played so far, and I will have full thoughts next week once I can discuss it all in full. But what I do not need to wait to say is that yet, you should give Outriders a shot here when it’s free, even if we’re at the end of this limited time test. If you can find it on sale somewhere after that, I’d recommend actually shelling out for it too. I really do like it quite a lot.

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