I’ve heard of hiding your inputs as a fighting game competitor but this image taken at Evo 2022 is ridiculous…

There’s certainly a benefit to hiding one’s inputs during a fighting game session. We’ve even seen instances of players blatantly looking at the opponent’s controller during key moments to get the full understanding of what the other player intends to do, without the guesswork.

It seems that one player present at Evo 2022 has went to a bit of an extreme to prevent this scenario from happening to him. A Tweet by Juan contained a photo in it that perfectly captured this feeling.

As seen in the image, we see two players duking it out in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. They’re clearly participating at Evo 2022 since Luke, the last fighter to join Street Fighter 5’s roster, can be seen on-screen while the two are playing at “tournament station 81” as indicated by the Evo sign.

However, we are unable to see which input device the player sitting closest in the image is using. Whether he is using an arcade stick or pad, his hands and controller are obscured by a cardboard box.

In the responses to this Tweet, it’s pointed out that the energy of this move is similar to that of a student taking an exam with the test itself surrounded by a tri-fold folder. Indeed, opponents will have a difficult time watching or listening to buttons presses if this player ever decides to perform a wake up reversal.

Check it out in the Tweet below:

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