Jordan Klepper Crashes Trump Rally to Confront Brain-Wormed ‘MAGA-ites’

With primary season heating up ahead of the 2022 midterms, TheDailyShow‘s Jordan Klepper traveled to Waukesha, Wisconsin this week for a “good old cheese and brat-fueled” Trump rally to interview a series of MAGA die-hards. And he quickly discovered that they are becoming even more unhinged as Donald Trump gets closer to announcing his re-election campaign.

The comedian tracked down voters who claim to believe in “election integrity” while at the same time supporting Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) who offered to bring a slate of fake voters to Mike Pence in an attempt to overturn the 2020 results—without any recognition of that cognitive dissonance.

“I’m not going to be a conspiracist or anything like that,” one woman insisted before using the fictional plot of the Robin Williams movie Man of the Year to prove that “they had election fraud back then.”

“Are there any lessons we can take from Mork & Mindy?” Klepper asked in response.

Then there was the man in the full Abraham Lincoln mask and stovepipe hat who thinks Trump is running the military from “behind the scenes” and said he tries to avoid consuming “the media” because it’s all a bunch of “theatrics.” That one was a layup for Klepper who replied, “And you’re not someone who gives in to theatrics.”

Later, Klepper received warnings from Trumpers about the “normalization” of pedophilia through pizza-related symbols online and agreement on Trump’s assertion that America has never “gotten to the bottom” of 9/11.

But no one could quite top the woman in the star-spangled flower crown who used the Gematria calculator on her phone to assign numerical meaning to everything from Trump to JFK Jr. to “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“So the Wisconsin MAGA-ites were turning the conspiracy talk up to letter K, which is 11,” Klepper said before ordering a slice of pizza that had “nothing to do with pedophilia.”

For more, listen to TheDailyShow‘s Jordan Klepper on The Last Laugh podcast.

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