Kiely Rodni missing latest: Truckee teen’s mother says Amber Alert ‘should have been issued immediately’

California officials discuss search for Kiely Rodni

The mother of Kiely Rodni has said an Amber Alert should have been “been issued immediately” as the desperate search to find her missing 16-year-old daughter entered the sixth day.

Kiely was last seen around 12.30am on 6 August near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, where she attended an allegedly alcohol-fuelled gathering of more than 200 teens and young adults.

An investigation was launched by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office the next morning after Kiely failed to show up for a hike with friends.

The case is being treated as an abduction because Kiely’s car is unaccounted for. More than 260 personnel have been canvassing the area on the ground and in the air and more than 500 tips have been received from the public.

Investigators say they don’t have any new leads, but still suspect someone in the community knows more.

Kiely’s mother Lindsey Rodni-Nieman urged anyone at the party who has information to speak up.

“We are desperate for any other teens to come out and share the last pieces of the story that nobody seems to be able to piece together,” she told The Independent.


Kiely Rodni’s mother refuses to give up hope

Kiely Rodni’s mother said she is refusing to let herself think of the worst possible scenario but said that not knowing what has happened to her daughter is “a very difficult place” to be in.

Lindsey-Rodni-Nieman told The Independent on Thursday: “The mind reels and I think that our imagination is our best asset and our worst enemy and I don’t want to give power to any of my worst thoughts by speaking them out and making them words.”

The family is just holding onto hope that “one day this is a memory and when that day comes she’ll be back with us”, she said.


Kiely’s best friend says she ‘just wants her back’

Kiely’s best friend Magdalene Larson has said she “just wants her back” as the search entered its sixth day.

“I just want her to come back and be OK and just to know that she’s loved and that we all looked for her and that we all loved her through this and stuff,” she told KCRA3.

Ms Larson described her best friend as “such a vibrant person” with “so much energy”.

The two best friends met briefly aged nine at an art camp but became close a few years later when their mother’s became friends.

“My parents decided that we’re going to hang out and that I was going to be friends with their daughter and that’s just what happened,” she said.

It was when they went on a three-hour walk together one day that their friendship was cemented and they have been best friends since.


Fight at party believed to be unconnected to Kiely’s disappearance

It has emerged that a fight broke out at the party at Prosser Family Campground on the night of 6 August – but that officials do not believe it is connected to Kiely’s disappearance.

In Thursday’s press conference, Placer County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Josh Barnhart mentioned the fight at the party.

While investigators do not believe it has any connection to Kiely going missing, Lt Barnhart said that people recorded the fight and so investigators want to see the footage to see if it holds any clues.

Teens and young adults who attended the party were urged to send the videos to law enforcement and were also told that – if they are concerned about coming forward with information about the missing persons case – they should go to a person they trust and have them take the information to law enforcement.

This comes as officials have repeatedly urged teens to come forward, reassuring them that they are disinterested in investigating underage drinking and just want to bring Kiely home safe.


Investigators urge public to keep lookout for Kiely’s jewelery

Police have released pictures of the jewelery Kiely Rodni appeared to be wearing at the time of her disappearance.

During a press conference on Thursday, Placer County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Angela Musallam urged the public to contact authorities if they come across a gold chain Kiely is believed to have been wearing back on 6 August.

“We’re told she always wears this type of jewelery … We’d want anybody who comes across [this necklace] to please contact us immediately because this would certainly provide us a new tip, and a new direction,” Ms Musallam said during the press conference.

Officials did not reveal why they are honing in on the items of jewelery after they have spent days combing the land and waterways for signs of the teen and her missing car.


Kiely Rodni’s father breaks down, says ‘this is your kids’

Daniel Rodni, the father of missing teen Kiely Rodni, got emotional as he urged people of the community to approach investigators with information about his daughter to come forward.

“She is no longer just our daughter. This is your kids,” he said.

“These are the parties that your kids are going to,’ he said. “We need answers, and you need answers because when your kids turn 16, where are they going to go?… Kiely is your child, too.”

Her mother described Kiely as a “funny and smart” girl who has an interest in playing music.

“She has since she was a little girl. Ella she loves — of course, being a teenager — she loves being with her friends de ella. Ella she’s so interested in science and in medicine and in cooking, ”Rodni’s mother said.

“She taught herself how to make chocolate cakes from scratch when she was young, and they’re actually good.”


Kiely Rodni’s mother reveals she almost didn’t go to camp party

The mother of Kiely Rodni has revealed that her daughter almost didn’t go to the campground party the night she disappeared as she issued a gut-wrenching plea to local teenagers to help “piece together” what happened.

Lindsey Rodni-Nieman spoke to The Independent on Thursday as the search for her missing 16-year-old daughter entered its fifth day and investigators are no closer to getting answers as to her whereabouts.

She said that Kiely had planned to go to a car show in Reno with her mother on Friday night but texted her during the day to say that she was going to go to a party at the Prosser Family Campground instead.

Ms Rodni-Nieman said she wishes Kiely had never gone to the party that night and had joined her at the car show that night. But she said thinking like that is “not helpful”.

The Independent‘s Rachel Sharp has the full story:


Missing teen’s mother says Amber Alert ‘should have been issued immediately’

Lindsey Rodni-Nieman, the mother of the missing teen, has said an Amber Alert should have been issued immediately after Kiely Rodni went missing on 6 August at 12.30am.

Speaking to members of the community and a group of law enforcement officers at a town meeting, Ms Rodni-Nieman said: “The Amber Alert should have already been issued immediately.”

“Please understand that the lack of any information, the lack of any new movement forward with this case, is not for a lack of resources, it’s not for a lack of want, it’s not for a lack of determination from everyone who I’m looking at,” she said, according to Fox news.

“…So let’s work together and let’s focus on asking questions that will lead to positive results.”

Investigators have not issued an Amber Alert for Rodni yet, citing a lack of evidence confirming that the teenager was abducted.


Boyfriend of Kiely Rodni reveals last conversation before she vanished

The boyfriend of Kiely Rodni has broken his silence to reveal the last conversation he had with her before she vanished without a trace at a campground party – as the search for the missing teenager now enters its fifth day.

Jagger Westfall texted his 16-year-old girlfriend to tell her to “be safe” and “don’t do anything stupid” on Friday night as she headed to a senior farewell party at the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California.

“And so I was just like, OK. Be safe. Don’t like, do anything stupid,” he told KTXL.

The Independent‘s Rachel Sharp has the full story:


Friend recounts final call before her disappearance

A friend of missing teen Kiely Rodni has spoken about the pair’s final phone call before her friend vanished from a campground party in California.

Samantha Smith, 18, told The Independent on Monday she was the last person to speak with 16-year-old Kiely after midnight on Saturday.

“At 12.36am she called me… and this is the last call anybody had with her. We said ‘love you, good night. Get home safe,’ and that’s the last thing we heard of her,” Samantha said on Monday.

Kiely was at a party at the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said. Because her vehicle, a silver 2013 Honda CRV, is missing, authorities are treating the incident as a possible abduction.

The Independent‘s Andrea Blanco has the full story:


Investigators release new images in search for the missing teen

On Wednesday, investigators released two new photos to the public: one of Kiely’s missing silver 2013 Honda CRVs and one of a hoodie she is believed to have borrowed at the party.

The black hoodie features the eerie Lana del Ray lyrics: “You don’t want to be forgotten. You want to disappear.”

“We don’t know whether Kiely was wearing that hoodie when she disappeared, but we believe it was still in her possession,” Placer County Sheriff’s Office said.

Kiely had reportedly planned to drive herself and her friend Samantha Smith home from the party in her vehicle.

Ms Smith previously told The Independent that Kiely was drinking at the party and wouldn’t have been able to drive so they both told each other to “get home safe”.

Kiely’s car has not been found during the five-day search which has centered on the area around the campground where she was last seen.

The hoodie Kiely Rodni borrowed the night she vanished

(Placer County Sheriff’s Office)

Kiely Rodni’s 2013 silver Honda CRV which is also missing

(Placer County Sheriff’s Office)

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