Klay has sloppy parade, drops title ring, accidently tackles fan

After overcoming a 941-day injury hiatus to win his fourth NBA championship, Klay Thompson has earned the right to get a little sloppy. And boy, did he take advantage of that right.

At one point, while high-fiving fans, Thompson dropped one of his championship rings, which nearly rolled into the crowd.

Thanks to his fast reflexes, Thompson was able to retrieve the ring quickly. He gave the ring a little kiss when it was back safe and sound.

Plus, with four to his name, Thompson has championship rings to spare.

At another point, Klay accidentally did his best Nick Bosa impression when he inadvertently laid out an unsuspecting fan on the parade path.

Klay appeared to trip on the pavement and his momentum carried him into a poor woman standing in his way.

At 6-foot-6 and 220 pounds, a shoulder check from Klay Thompson is the last thing a normal-sized person would want.

Always the gentleman, Klay immediately helped the started woman to her feet.

None of these instances appeared to affect Thompson’s swagger, however. Klay capped the day by doing a Michael Jackson dance, complete with crotch grab, next to the Larry O’Brien trophy.

In summary: Never change, Klay.

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