Kojima Productions starts selling anti-war merch with proceeds going to Ukrainian refugees

Hideo Kojima’s games have long walked a tightrope between fetishising the military, and condemning humanity’s never-ending drive towards war. It’s perhaps best encapsulated by Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker where, in a drive for independence and self-determination, Big Boss ‘accidentally’ ends up creating an ungoverned militia with nuclear capability.

These themes were less prevalent in Death Stranding (opens in new tab), mainly because it’s set in a world where the apocalypse has already happened. But anti-war sentiment remains a big theme for Kojima, and so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Kojima Productions has now announced the launch of a new piece of merch to raise funds for Ukrainians fleeing the war in Europe, and has also made a commitment to ” provide support” to those who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan.

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