Last Oasis Season 5 And Its Massive Gameplay Revamp Is Now Live

last oasis survival mmorpg foggy gorge

Last Oasis has rolled out its game-changing Season 5 LOverhaul update which promises to make the entire experience suck less. The massive update has overhauled the entire game, turning it into what is effectively a different survival MMO with PvE at its core and offering a less nomadic but relatively more challenging gameplay experience.

“The game no longer holds your hands – at all. No protected slots, no tutorial, no linear missions that gently guide you through progression,” said Creative Director Florian Hoffreither. “Just you and a sandbox full of tools and deadly dangers, and if you don’t think ahead, the world will absolutely punish you. You will have to carve out victory after victory, and each defeat will be a lesson in what you can do better.”

Developer Donkey Crew has been touting the big changes over the past few weeks which include a new schematic-based progression system, revamped Walker building, the removal of the game’s trademark Scorch mechanic, destructive weather conditions, and backend improvements to boot.

Season 5 will also feature a new map that the studio describes as an “inward facing donut” with starting zones and common PvE maps found on the outside and progressing to higher tier and rarity maps as you move inwards. Soft caps will also be implemented for each map, progressively getting higher towards the middle of the map.

As part of the game’s new PvE-oriented mechanics, PvP has been disabled for the time being, including player damage to other players and bases, while the developers work on balancing the newly-added remote weapons. With PvP disabled, the developers warn against all forms of griefing and disruptive behavior, including but not limited to spamming building pieces to prevent other players from moving freely around the map.

“Ultimately, we don’t foresee this being an issue because of schematics, but if you have a question about what constitutes griefing, we can only say, ‘We know it when we see it,’” said Donkey Crew.

Those who prefer the older PvP-centric mechanics, you still have the option to host private servers on the Last Oasis Classic branch which will include all content up to and including Season 4. Players will also be able to host their own Season 5 private servers but admin functions will be limited while the developers work on improving hosting tools.

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