MADFINGER Is Finally Working On A New Game, This Time For PC

MADFINGER Games is coming out with a PC game, meaning it’s ready to step out of its familiar territory of mobile releases to descend upon the PC gaming market.

The upcoming game is currently in development, and is described by the studio as a hardcore FPS title. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we’re envisioning something along the lines of Escape From Tarkov. MADFINGER also says the game will be focusing on realism, stunning visuals, and gameplay.

There is currently no name and MADFINGER doesn’t have a whole lot of details to share yet. But there are a few images of the team working on the game’s development that are worth a look.

At the very least they give you a sense of what the game is going to look like visually. That being said, you only get a glimpse of some of the in-game assets here. And since things are still in development much or all of it could change.

MADFINGER chose Unreal Engine 5 for PC development and this will be its biggest game yet

If you know the MADFINGER name, then you know every title the studio has put out has been for mobile. Games like Samurai II Vengeance, Shadowgun, Dead Trigger 2, and Unkilled easily put MADFINGER on the map as one of the best mobile developers.

And while no small amount of blood, sweat, and tears went into the development of those games, MADFINGER says this new game for PC is its biggest game yet. The decision to use Unreal Engine 5 is also no small matter. The team has been using Unity for all of its mobile development for a decade.

But MADFINGER CEO Marek Rabas says using Unreal Engine 5 “will allow the team to achieve a quality that can compete with the best AAA games on the market.”

If you think MADFINGER may not have the chops to take on a game of this scale, think again. More than a few people on the dev team came from PC roots. Having spent time on games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Quantum Break, the Mafia Trilogy, Hidden & Dangerous 2, and the Vietcong series of games.

It is true that this will be MADFINGER’s first PC game as a studio. However, it has a lot of expertise to pour into it.

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