New sanitation commish meets community media for roundtable discussion

Last Thursday, New York City Department of Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch held a roundtable with community and ethnic media. She did so after giving the scrum a tour of the facility.

During the tour Tisch presented a micro-truck designed to clean bike lanes and narrow streets. It will be the first time that New York City has them.

“We’re buying dozens now, but we hope to really expand on this. This is going to be the first time that we attach mechanical brooms to them so it will be able to sweep in addition to plow. This is going to make things cleaner for New Yorkers in general, but also for the community that uses bike lanes to do their work, delivering this will be safer for them,” Tisch said.

When she sat with the media for a discussion, she highlighted several key concerns for reporters.

“So what do I want to do? Two big areas. The first is cleanliness,” Tisch said. “I think that all New Yorkers have seen and experienced…less clean (streets), post-pandemic than it was pre-pandemic. And I believe that one of the most important things that the city needs to do now is to clean up our streets to give all the workers in every neighborhood in every community, the dignity of a clean-living environment, for the residents and certainly for also for tourism.

“People come to the city, and they won’t come back if the city is clean,” Tisch said. “And I am going to place a very heavy emphasis on restoring the cleanliness of our neighborhoods and communities that I think New Yorkers deserve.

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