PlanetSide 2 “Surf And Storm” Update Reveals First-Ever Naval Assault Vessel, Planned To Release This Friday to PTR

Planetside 2 Naval Ship

Arriving this Friday, PlanetSide 2 will have its first-ever naval assault vessel, the Corsair, added to the game’s PTR. With the addition of the Corsair in the upcoming “Surf and Storm” update, the Oshur map will see significant changes to its topside and underwater combat, and Outfit Wars will return to the game. Daybreak Game Company and Rogue Planet Games will release the initial patch in a work-in-progress state on June 24 to the Public Test Server but have prepped two playtests over the weekend to evaluate the new additions.

The Corsair is a squad-spawnable patrol boat that is the “faster, sleeker, waterborne counterpart to the Sunderer.” The main focus of the naval vessel is to support player movement around the Oshur map’s island chains quickly and more efficiently. The cruiser is equipped with two guns such as the M20 Basilisk and Dingo ML-6 and can hold up to six additional passengers, including the navigator. What makes the Corsair unique is that players can catapult themselves in whatever direction they choose at any time, giving them more freedom on the open seas.

Players have treated the ocean within the Oshur map as an unimportant vantage point for combat, which the devs hope to change with its upcoming improvements to underwater warfare. Beneath the waves, there will be objectives within playspaces known as “Seaposts,” equipped with a spawn room and seadock. Players who control these posts will have better flexibility assaulting other bases, adding another form of winning and decluttering the onslaught of land battles across the map.

Returning with the new PlanetSide 2 patch is Outfit Wars, introducing a new 1v1 mode. Outfit Wars is a tournament-styled event where various Outfits enter an arena and duke it out to reach the top of the leaderboards. Winners of the season wrap-up earn cosmetics, a unique statue on display in the Sanctuary, and, of course, bragging rights. The official start date for Outfit Wars is tentative, but the devs hope to share more news soon.

You can read the PlanetSide 2 developer blog to learn more about what’s coming this summer!

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