Players Go To Incredible Lengths In An MMORPG, Only To Find Protected Noobs Really Hard

In the German MMORPG Tibia (PC), some users found a bug that allowed them to go back to the starting area with their equipment and do all sorts of mischief there. We summarize in MeinMMO.

What is this bug? A bug in the tibia allowed users to return to the starting area of ​​Dawnport with their gear. This error has already been fixed by the developers in the hotfix, as it could have had a massive impact on new fans of the MMORPG.

Because you actually start the game in the town of Dawnport and the island after Rokgaard. There you stay until level 8, talk to an NPC to choose your class, and then drive to the main continent of the MMORPG. You never go back to Dawnport. At least in theory.

Because if you die in the tibia, you lose experience points and can also “down-level”, ie actually lower your level again. If you’ve died enough times to be between level 5 and 6, you’ll actually reappear in Dawnport completely naked and without your gear after your death.

Especially the latter is important, because otherwise you will disrupt the entire dynamics of the starting island. You can kill practically all enemies, monsters and NPCs with one hit and can even attack and kill players who have already reached level 8 but are currently Also in Donport.

But the curious bug made it absolutely possible. You can return to Dawnport with all your gear and blast it there.

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Who found the bug? User DarkGladir shared the bug on reddit on August 10th to get the attention of developers. The post was removed very quickly to prevent further exploitation of the bug.

The bug has now been fixed and the instructions can be found again on reddit. And it couldn’t be more complicated. Because although Dawnport Island has been in the game for many years, the error has only been noticed.

How did the bug work? Although the bug no longer works, we want to share with you how curious it was to try to exploit it. The following steps will need to be taken in this sequence:

  • Attack another player to get rid of the blessing buff
  • keep dying until you reach level 6, strictly speaking you should have 1500 and 1518 experience points
  • Buy Blessing of Phoenix Charm, Solitude Charm, Spiritual Charm, Twin Sun Charm, Unity Charm and Twist of Fate
  • Reduce your character to one life point and log out in a corner that takes up no more than a square meter of space
  • Another player then had to activate PvP and throw two fire fields at the square where you logged out. In addition, another fire area on the adjacent square meter
  • After that, the level 6 player had to log in again with an HP, after which he died instantly from fire. Your character would then respawn at Dawnport with all of their belongings and could even access Rookguard, a further starting area, via an NPC.

“It’s crazy, how do you find it?”

How is the community reacting? She is thrilled that such a mistake can be found at all. Above all, a lot of credit goes to the players who discovered the bug and reported it to the developers. On the other hand, others complain about why it was still possible to spoof items to Dawnport (via Reddit) after so long.

However, some fans are also concerned about how many items have already been illegally smuggled onto the starting islands because of the bug, and whether they could be taken out of circulation again. Some even attack the bug’s discoverer, Gladir himself, claiming that he exploited the bug before reporting it.

He writes only that he reported the bug on the first day after it was found. However, he continued to experiment to find out how the error could have happened. As soon as he came to know, he also informed the developers about it. But we cannot say who is right in the end.

What do you think about the whole situation? Are you also wondering how to detect such bugs? Or rather angry that the bug is still in play? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

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