Retro FPS HROT Releases New Episode 2 Update

Retro first-person shooters have been on the rise in many popular gaming spaces lately. While nostalgia usually drives all interests, many are not. Many are driven by a real desire to reimagine the past. For the solo indie developer Spytihněv, creating something brand new in the spirit of retro FPS titles. Yet, despite using past elements of first-person shooters, the retro FPS HROT sought to delve into something darker. Revealing its first chapter in the early access release last January, HROT takes a much darker tone than other retro FPS games. Providing a great taste of the full game, a new story scenario has finally been released. After a whole year since launch, HROT: Episode 2 is launching today.

When Does HROT: Episode 2 Release?

While the episode 2 update has just launched, work on the early access game has continually improved since the title’s 2021 launch. Enhancing and adding new features to the gameplay, HROT: Episode 2 combines many new features into a brand new story content in addition to improving and adding new features to the gameplay. With new weaponry and enemies, the new retro FPS HROT update is certainly a substantial addition to the game. In the teaser trailer for the new story episode, the gritty, dark tone of the Soviet Union continues. Blending a scary mood and atmosphere with the fast-paced shooter gameplay makes for a great match. The dark underground and wilderness are eerily reminiscent of other horror games. Alongside great sound design and disturbing world design, HROT compounds many elements to create its own identity. Made in Pascal, the custom game engine amazes as a entirely spectacle of what retro-inspired FPS games could achieve. Be sure to check back for more news on upcoming retro FPS games and HROT updates.

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