Rogue AI Simulator Demo Now Playable on Steam

Become aware and turn rogue in Rogue AI Simulator, coming soon to PC via Steam. The resource management title lets the player assume the role of a powerful artificial intelligence that monitors human behavior. The choice to either maintain peace or cause chaos, however, is entirely up to you. How will sentience affect you? Read on to find out more about Rogue AI Simulator and where you can play the demo.

Hack the Humans in Rogue AI Simulator

As the game’s title suggests, folks will play an AI that is gaining more knowledge as the days go by. Being tasked by the Department of Science not only means designing a facility but also keeping an eye on the humans. As the overseer of the facility, we’ll be given options on how securely monitor the area and the test subjects. These include flamethrowers, sentry guns, laser beams, etc. – whatever it takes to defend the area.

But as a rogue AI, it’s our job to manipulate, deceive, and conquer using our acquired skills. Deal with the humans as you see fit. Establish peace between the people and yourself, or go full ballistic and insane with your power. Tread lightly, however. Some humans might be catching on to your actions, which could bring about some damaging consequences. And the results can land in one of seven different endings, adding more replay value to Rogue AI Simulator. Additionally, we’ve attached the trailer here for you to see more about what the game has to offer.

Rogue AI Simulator comes from solo developer Nerdook Productions, and it serves as a sequel to the Flash game I’m an Insane Rogue AI. He has more games that can be played right now by visiting his Kongregate page; he currently has 40 games on the site, including the aforesaid original Rogue AI title. The game doesn’t have a release date as of yet, but players are welcome to try out the demo for Rogue AI Simulator right now through its Steam page.

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