Selena Gomez Advocates For ‘Real Stomachs’ In New Tiktok

Selena Gomez, via Tiktok, advocates for “real stomachs” by saying they are back in style. She made the statement in a Tiktok video that was released on Wednesday with over four million views. Gomez, who’s currently in Italy for a vacation, sparked positive reactions from her fans, who were in agreement.


Selena Gomez Wants “Real Stomachs” Back

Selena Gomez’s “real stomach” advocacy Tiktok video was recorded as she unwound on a yacht with the star clad in a swimsuit. In the video, the star was dubbing about audio telling her to suck her stomach.

She lip-synched in response by saying she wasn’t going to suck it in as real stomachs are coming back in vogue. According to her response:

“I’m not sucking s—t in. Real stomachs is coming the f—k back, OK?”

Selena Gomez ran her hands over her swimsuit in the real stomach Tiktok video. The swimsuit, La’Mariette tie-dye, was designed in 2021 by her and her friend, Theresa. Fans didn’t waste time in praising the star for encouraging body positivity. Apparently, the post by the “Only Muruders in the Building” star fostered confidence and self-appreciation among her fans.

Selena’s Tiktok Gets Reaction From Fans

Some fans admitted that the star’s message from the video contributed positively to their lives. A fan replied under the video that Gomez made her feel comfortable in her own skin. Another fan, because of the same post, referred to the American Singer as the best role model.

Selena Gomez, before the advocacy for real stomachs, Tiktok has been away from the internet for four years. Since her return, she has been spreading awareness on sensitive topics like body image and mental health. She went on to call out body shamers sometime in April. The Catholic-bred star replied to the critics that she won’t miss out on her favorite foods because she’s skinny and people aren’t cool with her weight.

Gomez, asides from body positivity and mental health outspokenness, has been silent about her love life since the 2018 split from Justin Bieber. Last month, her grandma, in a Tiktok video, asked her how she ended things with ‘that guy.’ The star was shocked at the question which was caught ‘live,’ but she managed to reply to her grandma that she’ll tell her in a second.

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