Sims 4 Greg Human Form, How to Find Werewolf Greg

Like most supernatural beings, Werewolves are shrouded in mystery. This is also the case in the latest The Sims 4 expansion pack – Werewolves. While, on the surface level, the Werewolves in this expansion pack are pretty open about their status, there’s actually quite a bit of lore to discover if you are willing to dig deep enough for it. And then, there’s Greg. There are a lot of questions about this mysterious resident. In this guide, we are going to explain how to find Werewolf Greg in The Sims 4, as well as ponder what he looks like in his human form

Sims 4 Greg Human Form, How to Find Werewolf Greg

Where to Find Greg Sims 4 Werwolves

The first step is to, of course, purchase and install The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack. After that, enter Moonwood Mill. Here, you will meet a lot of seemingly normal residents of this place. You will soon start to figure out that there’s more to them than meets the eye. They will mention Werewolves and all sorts of info regarding life as one. However, one thing that they all agree on is that you should stay away from Greg. But why is that the case? And what to do if you don’t want to heed their warnings?

Well, Greg can be found at a little house in this area. You will recognize it thanks to a bunch of warning signs outside. Interact with these signs, and this should summon him outside. He is also usually present there during the full moon. Interacting with him is one of the ways you can become a Werewolf.

Sims 4 Greg Human Form

Being such a mysterious character, many players are wondering one simple question – how does Greg look like in human form? Well, as you can see in Reddit threads such as this one, or this one, and here as well, fans have quite a few theories on what he would like as a human.

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