Six top FPS games to play across PC and console

Cross-platform – a subject that has been a barrier in gaming for years is finally starting to come together. There is no better time for jumping into a first-person shooter, as now, players on PC can easily team up with their friends on consoles, and vice versa. If you have been looking for some recommendations, or want to group up with others for reduced matchmaking time, here is a list.

Call of Duty: Warzone

There is no denying that call of Duty: Warzone has struck the right chord for battle-royale games. Since its launch, Activision has been refining the system with constant updates, new playlists, and maps, all of which are provided for free. By default, the title offers three BR squad modes – duos, trios, and quads, pitting you against 140-something players, as you hunt for supplies and fight to be the last man standing.

call of duty warzone, call of duty warzone cross platform, Call of Duty: Warzone. (Image credit: Activision)

With the newly released Caldera update, you get access to a myriad of WW2 weapons and the Resurgence mode, which adds a respawn mechanic as long as your teammates are alive.

Battlefield 2042

The game might have had a rocky launch, but rest assured, the developers are fixing it. Unlike other titles in the franchise, Battlefield 2042 does not feature the classic single-player campaign or destructible environments. But, it is still one of the top-grade FPS experiences you could play.

battlefield 2042, battlefield 2042 cross platform, Battlefield 2042’s pop-out attachment hologram. (screen shot)

As the name suggests, the game is based on a futuristic setting, where guns pop out holograms when you need to smoothly swap out attachments on the run. Maps are bigger this time and can hold up to 128 players in a single lobby. The modes are roughly the same, with the inclusion of the Battlefield Portal, an in-game tool that lets you create custom games and revisit classic maps.

Destiny 2

Borderlands fans will love this one, as you gain the co-op looter-shooter experience, with heavy multiplayer integration. Players pick from a class of Guardians and travel into the vast spaces of the solar system to unlock elemental abilities, collect unique loot, and finish story missions that keep evolving with each expansion pack.

Destiny 2. (Screenshot)

Your team is normally pit against different alien races as part of the campaign. But, the online segment allows for PvP games, such as competitive skirmishes, team arenas, and countless hours of raids. And to top that off, it’s free.

Apex Legends

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Titanfall series, Apex Legends was a surprise debut that took over the internet by storm. If you’re looking for something that is fast-paced without hogging your system too much, this is the one. Players can choose from a roster of operators, all of which have unique personalities and abilities, that are easy to learn but hard to master.

Apex Legends, Apex legends ash, apex legends cross platform, Apex Legends’ new playable character – Ash. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

In addition to the standard battle royale mode, players can take part in Arenas, a 3v3 deathmatch mode. Respawn has also added some accessibility features such as a text-to-speech setting for those hard of hearing, and a location and item ping system for players with no mics.


Blizzard’s 6v6 team-based shooter is ideal for those who are not confident in their aiming skills. The title offers a vast roster of heroes to pick from, some of which have abilities such as aimbot, wallhacks, and explosive AOE (area of ​​effect) damage. Kill count is not as important here as the objective, and every class – Damage, Tank, and Support have an equal role to play.

Overwatch, Overwatch cross platform, overwatch. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Being new to FPS games is not an issue here, as you are guaranteed to find something you are good at. There is a range of game modes, seasonal events that tie into the lore, and have some of the best cosmetics ever seen in gaming.

split gate

if Halo and Portal had a lovechild, the result would be Splitgate. This sci-fi shooter takes the dull multiplayer shooter experience, and adds interdimensional mechanics such as portal generation to deliver an intense, fast-paced playing field.

Splitgate, Splitgate cross platform, Portal formation in Splitgate. (screen shot)

The wormhole portals can be used to instantly transport to different locations on the map or catch enemies off guard by tossing in a grenade. The game offers more than 20 maps, with dozens of challenges and a ranking system. Modes are all classic, ranging from team deathmatch, capture the flag, free for all, and more.

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