Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit revives Sonic’s classic Game Gear outing

One of Sonic’s Sega Game Gear games has received a 16-bit makeover thanks to a passion project. Fan developer Noah Copeland launched Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit for Windows on Gamejolt yesterday after releasing the demo in 2019.

Sonic Triple Trouble was originally released in November 1994, and while critics thought the game was fun, especially with the addition of vehicles, they panned it for lacking originality. Over 20 years later, Copeland sought to remake Sonic Triple Trouble in 16-bit after playing it and thinking it was a good game that was severely restricted by the 8-bit programming, according to a 2018 interview with Sega-16.

“What if Sonic Triple Trouble had been originally released on the Sega Genesis / MegaDrive, after Sonic 3 & Knuckles?” Copeland asked in the game’s description. According to ResetEra user The Deleter, he set that plan into motion by recreating the game to make it resemble the graphics generated by the Genesis and adding in additional level design and gimmicks so that it looks as though it followed Sonic 3 & Knuckles as a later Genesis release.

To see it for yourself, take a look at the teaser trailer for the game that Copeland released last month. The flashes may cause seizures, so you can skip the video if you happen to have photosensitivity issues.

Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit not only made the extra level design and gimmicks a reality, but it also added 3D Special Stages and 360 Sonic physics. And for the first time ever, you’ll be able to switch between Sonic and Tails in real-time in the style of Sonic Heroes, which can be useful depending on the situation they find themselves in.

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Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit is available to play for free, and Copeland said that an Android version will be coming out soon.

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