Suffer in style with this mod that brings Devil May Cry combat to Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a bit of a drag, right? It’s all foreboding this, doomsaying that, and long stretches of gray sky that terminate in wan, dispirited horizons. I bet not a single one of its gibbering inhabitants has ever done anything cool like smoke and ride a motorcycle. They’re all too busy picking through the ashes of a dead kingdom and feeling sorry for themselves.

Well, no longer. Dark Souls 3 May Cry (opens in new tab)—released in March by a creator named Shigu—finally does the necessary if unobvious task of importing Devil May Cry’s Dante into Lothric, along with his weapons and moveset. The work that’s been done to the game’s standard animations is pretty impressive: Dante transitions from the standard moveset of DS3’s combat into the frenzied staccato of DMC’s leaps and stabs without missing a beat.

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