Rumour: Half-Life: Alyx Allegedly Locked for PSVR2

If there’s any game Sony needs to get over the line for PSVR2it’s Half-Life: Alyx. The critically acclaimed first-person shooter is comfortably regarded as one of the best virtual reality experiences available today, and with the Japanese giant looking to offer more substantial, full-length experiences on its new hardware, it simply has to get this … Read more

Tactics Ogre: Reborn Lists Loads of Gameplay Updates and Improvements on PS5, PS4

Being a remaster of a classic strategy RPG, Tactics Ogre: Reborn could have easily just left everything as it once was. But Square Enix seems eager to improve on the original version, and has listed loads of adjustments that it’s made to Reborn’s gameplay systems. A lot of it is quality of life stuff — … Read more

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Adopts a Bold New Look in First PS5 Screens

Need for Speed ​​is a franchise that’s been in need of a facelift for some time, and new game unbound is bound to split opinion. While the title’s not officially due to be announced until later this week, Japanese retailer Neowing has prematurely uploaded the first PS5 assets from the Criterion developed racer – and … Read more

Amazon Prime Early Access Sale October 2022 – PS5, PS4 Deals to Expect

You’ve heard of Amazon Prime Day, now get ready for the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale – a brand new event from the mega retailer. It gets underway this month and we can expect to see plenty of great deals for PlayStation fans. A two-day event, the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale takes place on … Read more

Hitman 3’s Roguelite Freelancer Mode Will Postpone Travel Until 2023

IO Interactive is taking its time buttoning up the “next evolution” of Hitman 3, and that means the threequel’s anticipated Freelancer mode has been pushed back until 26th January, 2023. Originally due out earlier this year, the feature will be available as a free update for all owners of Agent 47’s latest outing. The mode … Read more

PS5 Exclusives Will Take at Least One Year to Launch on PC

Image: Push Square Sony won’t shut up about PC and smartphones, and PS Studios boss Hermen Hulst has been discussing its release strategy moving forwards. Specifically, he mentioned that there’ll be “at least a year” between its single player titles launching on PS5 and PC, but in some cases its live service titles – of … Read more

Sony Will Continue to Make PS4 Games Moving Forwards

Image: Push Square Sony will not abandon the PS4, and it’s considering content for the last-gen console on a case-by-case basis. Outside of the upcoming God of War Ragnarok – which will release on both PS5 and PS4 – the manufacturer is being unprecedentedly secretive about its upcoming slate of first-party projects. We know that … Read more

God of War Ragnarok Game Length Is Reportedly Worthy of Jörmungandr Himself

God of War Ragnarok fast approaches, as if Fimbulwinter had just ended, with the sequel to 2018’s God of War set to launch on 9th November. It is reportedly going to be a journey worthy of the sagas themselves, with a full playthrough supposedly taking about 40 hours. That’s according to the reliable Tom Henderson … Read more

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Has Been in Development Longer Than Literally Any Game, Ever

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has officially been in development longer than any other game, ever, overtaking previous Guinness World Record holder Duke Nukem Forever (in the category of longest development period for a video game) for that particular dubious honor. Brendan Sinclairthe managing editor for, noticed the feat and put it quite succinctly: … Read more

PS Studios Malaysia Achieves Next Major Milestone with Futuristic Workspace

PS Studios Malaysia, the first-party support studio located in Kuala-Lumpur, has achieved its next major milestone: a gorgeous, futuristic workspace for its team to collaborate in. Photographs of the office were shared by studio head Hasnul Hadi on Twitterwhich reveal a spaceship-like sliding glass door entrance, marked with PlayStation’s iconic symbols on the wall. Thank … Read more