Tempest Rising Is a Classic RTS Game from Slipgate, 3D Realms, THQ

At the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022, developer Slipgate Ironworks and co-publisher 3D Realms revealed Tempest Rising, a classic real-time strategy (RTS) game headed to PC in the future. It’s set in an alternate timeline where the Cuban Missile Crisis heated up really belatedly, resulting in World War III. Here’s how THQ describes Tempest Rising:

After the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated in 1997, a nuclear World War 3 ensured. All former superpowers were quickly brought to their knees in humanity’s shortest and most devastating conflict yet. The fuel for this war is a new, powerful substance, that can be used as a source of energy – Tempest. Three distinct factions are in a desperate struggle for power and resources and it’s up to you which faction you choose. The return of the Golden Era of RTS is dawning.

Next up, here are the gameplay features you can expect out of Tempest Risingsome of which appear in the announcement trailer:

  • Classic RTS base building with fast and fluid hard-hitting combat.
  • 3 asymmetrical playable factions, each featuring distinct economy and play styles.
  • Each faction offers a unique roster of units.
  • 2 epic single player campaigns with between-mission cutscenes.
  • Skirmish, custom games, and ranked multiplayer matchmaking with Elo rating.

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