The Top 25 Unused Marvel And Capcom Characters Ranked By How Badly We Want Them In ‘MvC4’

There are thousands of characters from both Capcom’s list of IPs and the history of Marvel comics. MvC2 had over 50, and that barely felt like they included enough. So let’s go through the final 25, in order, and then the long list of people I thought about including afterwards — a super long honorable mentions list that is worth going through.

The Top 25

Get ready: things are about to get a little unorthodox. It’s my list and I can do whatever the hell I want!

25 – Namor: A bit like getting Aquaman to be in the “Injustice” games. Well, more than a bit, it’s extremely like that.

24 – One of the New Avengers: America Chavez was just in a Marvel movie, Iron Heart is about to get a Disney Plus series, Speed ​​and Wiccan have appeared several times now, and you could even do something cool with Kate Bishop as Hawkeye 2.0.

23 – Nightcrawler: Give him a sword and let him teleport all over the place!

22 – Jessica Jones or Luke Cage: One of these two have to make the list of new characters. I would prefer Jessica but honestly, either or. Have them throw cars at people!

21 – Edward Falcon: I love “Power Stone” and any chance of a new game in that series would be most excellent. As the face of the franchise, you have to use Ed and then in a super move include the other characters.

20 – Falcon and Redwing: Does he have the dual machine pistols? Yes. the wings? Yes. The gadget? Yes. The shield like Captain America or US Agent or Patriot? Yes. Give him everything.

19 – Asura: You know, from his wrath. And all those fan mods where he’s already in the game in place of Akuma.

18 – A character from the Black Panther universe: Killmonger, M’Baku, Okoye, or Nakia have to be on this list. I’d say Shuri too, but honestly anyone tied to Wakanda should definitely be in the next game. Okoye with that spear is my personal pick.

17 – Miles Morales: While giving Spider-Man (the Peter Parker one) an outfit that honors Miles would be the bare minimum, having Miles in the next game would be even better and borderline a must. The reason he isn’t higher is because this is a no brainer, and will happen if they ever make a new game. Electric powers, invisibility, you could do so much with him.

16 – Character with a gun: Okay hear me out; there are a LOT of characters who have guns who would be good to include, but honestly you only need one. So pick one of the following and just focus on them: The Punisher, Nick Fury, Bullseye, Red Skull, Bishop, Elsa Bloodstone, Crossbones, Domino, Agent Coulson, Agent 13, Maria Hill, or Forge. Domino would be cool, not sure how luck powers would work. Punisher and Fury are the most popular by far, either of those guys fit the bill.

15 – Moon Knight: He’s like Batman, but instead of black he’s white. And a lunatic. He can throw batarangs, zip around, use cool Khonshu powers, he’s a natural fit especially if you can get Oscar Isaac to do that ridiculous British accent. That would be a nice touch.

14 – Lady Dimestrescu: There has been no character in gaming who went from afterthought to sudden stardom quite like the 10-foot-tall vampire mommy Capcom brought into this horny world. Nemesis was an interesting failure in MvC3, so why not make another tall Resident Evil boss work?

13 – Another Guardian of the Galaxy: So many to choose from. Quasar, Adam Warlock, Star Lord, Drax, Mantis, Nebula, and Yondu. Hell, mix and match them like Rocket Raccoon and Groot! Go nuts, who cares.

12 – A Sinister Six-level Spider-Man villain: One of the following NEEDS to be in the next MvC game. Has to be. Take your pick: Rhino, Electro, Lizard, Mysterio, Shocker, Sandman, Kraven, Vulture, Morbius (LOL), Doc Ock, Hobgoblin or Green Goblin. Or Carnage but that’s the weakest Venom clone imaginable.

11 – A new Street Fighter character: Juri, Rashid, Seth, Gill, Urien, Jamie, Skullomania, Luke, Rainbow Mika, or Alex. Or Laura. Or Rolento. Honestly, so many to choose from, just include a few and call it a day.

10 – Ada Wong: Do I even have to justify this? She’s the coolest spy in the world, she deserves to be in Marvel vs. Capcom 4. There should be no debate here.

9 – Demitry: The one Darkstalkers character that hasn’t been in any MvC game but should be.

8 – Loki: The possibilities are endless for coming up with moves for Loki to do. You want to base him off of the comics and give him weird magic spells and tricks? Sure! Want to base him off of Hiddleston and the Disney Plus series where he uses knives like a badass?

7 – Scarlet Witch and/or Vision: They both fly, they can both shoot magical lasers out of their bodies, they can make duplicate versions of themselves, go through the floor, really anything he can do she can do better. These two characters have literally never been as popular as they are right now, so they should be auto-includes.

6 – The Fantastic Four: Which one? I can’t choose. Didn’t Super Skrull already do all of their powers in one character? Yes. Do I care? no. Just pick one of them, I don’t care, they need to be in these games. All of them should be!

5 – Ms. marvel: Pretty much the same story here as the two picks above. The height of her popularity, the same basic moveset as Super Skrull, but you NEED to add her into the roster. bye. Cannot make a new game without her, just cannot do it. Having metal and bone claw Wolverine didn’t stop Capcom before, having stretchy arms should not prevent her inclusion going forward.

4 – Shang-Chi: They put Iron Fist in MvC3 but not him????????????

3 – Blade: Mahershala Ali is going to make Blade cool again for the first time in over twenty years. Although he’s always been cool, the mainstream appeal of having him on the front cover of the box, on that art work, oh man that would be hype.

2 – Leon S. Kennedy: He is the best character to come out of Resident Evil, and he’s coming back for the RE4 remake. Put him in the game Capcom, german suplex and a laser attached to his gun and everything. And that powerful donkey kick he does. Maybe let Ashley give him some herbs.

1 – Daredevil: There was no other choice. He is the biggest, best, and most hype character to never be in a MvC game. The time is now. He’s coming back to Disney Plus thanks to Charlie Cox. Don’t let us down Capcom.

Which Capcom Characters Didn’t Make The Cut?

Miles Edgeworth and Apollo Justice were brief considerations because Phoenix Wright made it into MvC3, but honestly those could be alternative skins. Gene from “God Hand” would be neat, a robot mech from either “Steel Battalion” or “Exoprimal” seems too gimmicky. Silvia aka Viewtiful Joe’s girlfriend would be a real deep cut, probably not as hype as Joe making it in. Capcom could copy the template from Jill in MvC2 for Regina from “Dino Crisis”, that could be interesting. The cast of “Killer 7” is way too hardcore of a pick, I’m not sure how you handle that into one character. Proto Man and Bass would be skins for Zero or Mega Man, too.

Getting a samurai from “Onimusha” would be cool as long as you also get Jean Reno’s character from the third game. Vanessa Z. Schneider from “PN03” is probably too niche, Nero from “Devil May Cry 4” is more of a skin for Dante/Vergil, and I’m not sure about getting a dragon from “Dragon’s Dogma” is ideal either. Just running through franchises, I’m left with the Baker family from “RE7” or Claire Redfield; neither of those jump out at me as making the final list. A new Darkstalker would be fun, like Sasquatch, Victor Von Gerdenheim, Rikuo, Pyron, Bishamon, Q-Bee or Jon Talbain aka Gallon the werewolf, all were final cuts for me. And shout outs to the four playable characters from “Red Earth” because that would be so cool if they got in.

Which Mutants Didn’t Make The Cut?

Multiple Man, Morph, Polaris, Professor X, Sunspot, Havok, Wolfsbane and the other new mutants, Beast, Quicksilver, Jubilee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Dazzler, Kitty Pryde, Legion, Armor, Mirage and Angel.

Beast was a particularly hard cut, Charles Xavier was not.

Which Marvel Bad Guys Didn’t Make The Cut?

Apocalypse, Black Cat, Klaw, Abomination, Iron Monger, Whiplash, Fing Fang Foom, Mister Negative, Mystique, Onslaught, Ronan The Accuser, Shadow King, Gorr The God Butcher, Silver Sable, Silver Surfer and Galactus, Typhoid Mary, Swarm, Arnim Zola, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club, Mister Sinister, Lady Deathstrike, Nightmare, Stryfe, Baron Mordo, Mephisto, Mojo, Kingpin, Yellow Jacket, Agatha Harkness, The Blob, Enchantress, Titania, The Living Tribunal, Kang The Conqueror, Odin, Ebony Maw, Surtur, Orka and Hela were all hard to cut from the final list but I had to.

A lot of those villains were so similar to their good counterparts, alternate skins or echo characters ala Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would suffice (in my eyes).

Which Marvel Heroes Didn’t Make The Cut?

Cosmo the space dog, Tony Stark’s Hulk Buster armor, Cloak and Dagger, Korg, Lady Sif, Red Guardian, Spider Woman, Rescue, Squirrel Girl, Silk, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Black Bolt and Lockjaw and the other Inhumans like Medusa, Wong, Wave, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Black Knight, The Sentry and The Void, Monica Rambeau as Proton/Pulsar/Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Lady Thor, Spider Gwen and Hercules. And any of the Eternals looooooooooool IDK maybe Ikaris would be fine.

Did you like the list? What did I leave off? Let me know in the comments below!

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