Tips to get into the relationship in the game

Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG is a simulation game with a pixel theme developed by Ikan Asin Production. This game tells about a person who decides his life to travel to the city of Citampi to find money because his family is in debt and the debt collectors will kill them soon. Citampi Stories: Love life allows you to have a family, but it requires several processes that you need to go through, such as establishing a relationship with a girl, dating, proposing, marrying, buying a house, and others. Therefore, we summarize some of the processes that you need to pass.

How to get into a relationship in Citampi Stories: Love Life

Here’s a simple way to marry a girl in Citampi Stories: Love Life:

  • Looking for a girl to marry. It’s best if you determine from the beginning, so you can establish a relationship with him from the start.
  • Get 5 hearts from her
  • Buying a house especially for later with your partner.
  • Buy a ticket that the girl likes and ask her out on a date.
  • Purchase a wedding ring that could be purchased from mr. Tatang with a price of 3500 Rc.
  • Give it to the girl.

1. Looking for a girl to Marry

  dating marry
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The first thing you need to do is find the girl you want to date and marry. There are lots of girls in the city of Citampi, such as Isma who can be found at Smallmart, Windy at 7-Seven, Nissa at Schoolor if you are already acquainted with a girl in Citampi, you can find them through the Citampers feature on your Handphone, you can track where they are.

2. Get 5 hearts from her

If you have determined the girl, you need to get 5 hearts from her by interacting like talking to her, helping her to complete the quest, and giving her the gifts she likes. Here are some of the favorite gifts from this girl:

Citampi Stories: Love Life Dating Marry
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  • Nabila: Necklace/watch
  • Isma: Perfume/cosmetic
  • windy: Shoes
  • Sarah: Cosmetics
  • Imas: Perfume

3. Buying a House

Citampi Stories: Love Life Dating Marry
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This house is where you live with your partner later which can be purchased in Area 3 from mr. Nopandi at 10,000 RC. But to be able to buy it you need to settle your debt first to debt.

4. Invite on a date

invite on a date
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Then you can ask the girl on a date by buying a ticket at mr. Tatang’s Stall is priced at 850 RC. If it has been purchased, you need to meet the girl then use the ticket and ask her out, then she will wait for her at the bus stop in Area 4. Here are some tickets that girls like:

  • Isma: Food Fest Ticket
  • windy: Fun Park Ticket
  • Sarah: Restaurant Ticket
  • Nabila: Movie Ticket

5. Buy a Wedding Ring and Propose

Citampi Stories Wedding Ring
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After you go on a date, prepare 3,500 Rc or money to buy a wedding ring that is used to propose to her. That’s how to get married to the girl in Citampi Stories, after that we will discuss how to have a baby.

How to have a baby in Citampi Stories: Love Life

First, talk to your wife and when she asks something likeDo you like Children,” say yes. Then when she is pregnant, you need to complete all kinds of tasks or quests given. You can check via SMS from your Handphone. Then when your wife is experiencing contractions, immediately take her to the hospital to give birth.

Buying Baby Furniture in Citampi Stories

In addition to completing tasks, you also need to complete Baby Furniture quests, such as various equipment. There is wood that can be obtained from Tio, a chisel from Alex, a chisel from Bro Tiger, and a Saw from Nopandi.

Final Thoughts

That’s how you get into a relationship, marry and have a baby in the Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG. Before starting, you need to prepare a lot of money to buy all the necessary things such as wedding rings, tickets, and others. So you don’t get stuck in the middle of the process.

That’s all from us for the Citampi Stories: Love Life guide to getting into a relationship and having a baby with your partner! Did you find this guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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