Tower of Fantasy: How to Fix Login Failed Error

While attempting to log into the exciting new world of Tower of Fantasy, many fans are encountering an error known as “Login Failed.” Similar to “Login Status Exception,” this is an issue that is preventing players from entering their server and playing the game. Naturally, such a predicament is causing quite a commotion among those affected. Some have doubtless waited months for this anticipated anime gacha MMORPG to be globally released. Therefore, to encounter this login error is certainly not an enjoyable experience. Continue reading to learn how to fix this “Login Failed” error in Tower of Fantasy.

Fixing Login Failed In Tower of Fantasy

Fixing Login Failed Error In Tower of Fantasy

The most common way to fix the “Login Failed” error in Tower of Fantasy is by completely rebooting the game. PC users will also need to log out and restart their clients. After completing the reset and logging back into one’s account, the problem should be resolved.


Tower of Fantasy: How to Fix Login Status Exception

Nevertheless, there will likely be many Tower of Fantasy players who are still unable to enter the game due to “Login Failed.” according to Attack of the Fanboy, this error is a server-side issue, meaning that resolving the problem is primarily out of the player’s control. Of course, the rebooting method can potentially solve the error, or restarting multiple times might help as well. Yet, in the end, fans who’ve encountered the “Login Failed” error in Tower of Fantasy will need to wait for the developers to fix their servers.

Inherently, many will be upset or even angered by this problem, as no one wants to be locked out playing an exciting new release. Still, keep in mind that Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG, and server issues are prevalent in new and even existing massively multiplayer online games. For example, New World had abysmal queue wait times, and many Warriors of Light were not able to play during the initial days of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker‘s release due to server congestion. similarly, Tower of Fantasy will need some time for its bugs and errors to be ironed out. After all, it is impossible for a developer to know every possible predicament before their game goes live to the public. Accordingly, players are encouraged to attempt a reboot to fix the “Login Failed” error in Tower of Fantasyand if this solution does not work, patiently waiting is the optimal option.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

source: Attack of the Fanboy

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