Tower of Fantasy release date | UK, Europe & USA launch time

The Tower of Fantasy release date has finally arrived for players around the globe, with the official launch time now being confirmed for the UK and Europe.

Described as a “shared open-world sci-fi action game”, Tower of Fantasy is a massively multiplayer online experience that has already launched in China, earning plenty of hype and attracting the attention of players in Britain.

The developers from Hotta Studio and publishers at Level Infinite have promised that players will experience “an anime-inspired post-apocalyptic sci-fi art style, freeform character development, immersive objectives, and exciting combat through thrilling battles and exciting open world exploration”.

So when can we jump in and start playing? Keep on reading to find out all the details about the European Tower of Fantasy release date and what time the game will unlock in the UK.

When is the Tower of Fantasy release date for Europe?

The Tower of Fantasy global release date is Wednesday 10th Augustthe developers have confirmed, and that day is now upon us.

It’s important to note that, thanks to magic of time zones, some players will not be able to access the game until the early hours of 11th August. More on that in a second.

What time does Tower of Fantasy unlock in the UK?

The Tower of Fantasy release time for players in the UK is 1am on the morning of 11th August. You’ll have to stay up late if you want to play it as early as possible!

In Central Europe, then, the game should unlock at 2am CET in the small hours of tomorrow morning.

Over in the USA, Tower of Fantasy will unlock at 5pm PT or 8pm ET on 10th August.

How to download Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy will launch on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and PC. The computer-based release will be spread across Steam, the Epic Games Store and a standalone Windows client.

To download the mobile version of Tower of Fantasy, head to the Apple App Store for the iPhone/iPad version, or the Google Play Store for the Android version.

To download the PC version of Tower of Fantasy, you can preload it now directly from the game’s official website. Click the ‘Windows’ button and it’ll start to download.

Last time we looked, preloads were not yet available on Steam or the Epic Games Store, but you should be able to download the game from those launchers once it has been released.

While you wait for the Tower of Fantasy release time in your region, feel free to check out the trailer below to get yourself hyped!

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