Undeniable parallels between Putin and Hitler


European Pravda reports that the Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine, Anka Feldhusen, has said in an interview with Ukrinform that there are clear and undeniable parallels between the regime of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the Nazi Third Reich.

“Historical analogies aren’t always accurate, and Germany holds a belief that our guilt in the Second World War cannot be surpassed. But, like many other Germans, I think about those parallels every day, and they are undeniable, particularly in terms of Putin’s ambition to create an empire of some kind, and we don’t know its scope or extent. I do think about it a lot,” the ambassador said.

Feldhusen said that Germans are aware of certain Russian ideas such as the creation of concentration camps for Ukrainians, ideas that are publicly debated in Russia.

“Yes, the Germans know about this. Not all of them, of course, but our media do highlight this a lot. There are numerous detailed articles written by Ukrainian experts, and even some Russian experts who were forced to leave Russia. The information is out there. Whether ordinary people read this with as much interest as diplomats or other professionals, I don’t know. But it is talked about a lot,” the ambassador added.

Feldhusen made these comments against the backdrop of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rejecting calls for an EU ban on tourist visas for Russian citizens because, according to him, “this war is Putin’s war.”

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