United Airlines Adds New Air Traffic Control Game To Mobile App

United Airlines had added a new air traffic control game called “Cleared to Land” to its mobile phone app, augmenting a flight simulator added earlier this year.

United Airlines Adds Air Traffic Control Game “Cleared to Land” To Mobile App

The point of the new game is to act as an air traffic controller in managing the airspace of a busy airport. Players guide planes to their specific runway while avoiding other aircraft. Five aircraft options are available, such as the Maker eVTOL from Archer and the Boom Supersonic Overture, which serves the dual purpose of showcasing United’s aircraft of the future. Other aircraft include a ES-19 from Heart Aerospace, Airbus A321XLR, and a Boeing 787-9 (the only aircraft actually in the United fleet).

The new game is intended for all ages to play and available anytime through Game Center on the United app. Be sure to update to the latest version of the app to take advantage of this game. “Cleared to Land” joins the flight simulator game, which debuted in April as part of United’s library of streaming in-flight entertainment.

Jason Flint, Director of Digital Products at United Airlines, noted:

“Every day, more than one million United customers use our mobile app for their travel needs, and we’re committed to delivering new offerings that provide a uniquely United flying experience. By launching Cleared to Land, we’re expanding our Game Center portfolio to provide even more valuable content and entertainment for our customers whether they’re on the ground or in the air.”

I took the game for a test drive on my own phone and was impressed. Let me put it this way: once you’ve seen all the movies you care to see onboard, this is a fun way to pass the time.


Download the latest version of the United app and check out the new ATC game. It’s a fun way to pass the time!

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