Vanguard Zombies — The Operator’s Survival Guide to Shi No Numa

10. Traverse Solid Ground. Wading through the swamp slows Operators down, so try to move on solid ground as much as possible. Minimize traversing waterlogged paths, like those found in the small areas of Shi No Numa, as speed wins.

9. Writing on the Wall. Confused in the Main Hut? Look at the destination written about each of the four gates leading out. These direct you toward various sites like the Storage Hut, Comm Room, Doctor’s Quarters, and Fishing Hut. Also check out the downstairs War Room map in the Main Hut.

8. A Two Way Toll. When first spending Essence to open a gate for one of the outer huts, remember that you’ll still need to pay the cost of entering that hut.

7. A Heart for You and You. Throughout the match, you’ll earn a Sacrificial Heart every three rounds. Don’t let them sit unused! Spend them liberally at the Tome of Rituals on the way to the Fishing Hut and the Altar of Covenants near the Comm Room.

6. Time to Cool Off. As tempting as it is to zap and flog every undead life in sight, know that the Flogger and the various electric traps require a cooldown period before you can use them again. Zombies taken out by these traps also provide a much smaller Essence reward, so save the traps for when you really need them.

5. Watch Those Wall Buys. Throughout the match, various Wall Buy weapons will upgrade to their Tier 1 Pack-A-Punch variant. You’ll notice this right away, as the Wall Buy outline changes from white to blue and the cost increases to 4,000 Essence. Pricey, sure, but you get what you pay for with heavy hitters .

4. Covenant Combos. Another reason to check back at the Altar of Covenants throughout the match is to try and set up Covenant combos. For example, try pairing Cull the Weak, which deals more damage to slowed or stunned enemies, with Cryofreeze and/or Dead Wire. With this combo, you’ll slow enemies and deal more damage to them for doing so. Experiment and find what works for you.

3. Tune In for More Intel. Check all the huts and the Dig Site for radios — activate them to take a deeper dive into the mystery behind Shi No Numa and the coveted relic both Krafft and Von List so desperately desire.

2. Strange Things. There are certainly some things amiss in these swamps, like the empty Perk Fountain in the Flogger Courtyard and the rune-covered monolith outside the Doctor’s Quarters. And just what is it that you hope to find in that Dig Site, anyway?

1. A Little More This Time. Since this is the first classic round-based Zombies experience to come to vanguardit’s important to keep this in mind: With each run, you’ll get more familiar with the map and its many intricacies, allowing you to push further and further into the questline and later rounds.

Invite your friends and ready up for the Swamp of Death — Von List and Kortifex would appreciate having more soldiers for their undead army…

Rise on every front.

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