Warcraft Mobile MMO Canceled Following Reported Disagreement Between Blizzard and NetEase

A Warcraft mobile MMO made in partnership between Blizzard and NetEase has been cancelled, according to insider information from Bloomberg.

In the report, they mention that the Warcraft title had been in development for over three years now, but disagreements between the two developers saw the team of over 100 staff working on it disbanded.

Originally called Neptune, Bloomberg describes this project has been described as being a mobile MMO that’s set in the same universe as World of Warcraft, but in a different time period.

While not denying the game was cancelled, Activision Blizzard did issue a statement denying that there were financial disagreements between the two companies.

“We continue to have an extremely successful relationship with NetEase, and it is entirely untrue to suggest that there have been financial disputes”, the statement reads.

diablo immortal
Diablo Immortal is proof that from a financial perspective, the NetEase-Blizzard partnership works

NetEase and Blizzard famously co-developed Diablo Immortal, a financial success as far as mobile games go: AppMagic reports the game has made over 90 million USD globally since launch, with the game finally releasing in China recently.

While Warcraft does have one mobile title in Arclight Rumble, the idea of ​​a mobile MMO more similar to Immortal’s design would have been a huge revenue source for either company, given Blizzard’s IP strength and NetEase’s mobile expertise.

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