Why women should always choose the vacation spot over men

Next time you’re planning a holiday, don’t leave it to the men in your life — as science says they aren’t as good as women at it.

Not only will women put more research into it, but also make better decisions.

A recent study by Skyscanner found that 75 percent of women do the research when planning a holiday, with 95 percent of those studied being happy with this, both men and women.

However, there are also scientific studies that have found that women are more likely to spend time looking for a good holiday, looking at a number of criteria such as hotel reviews and local travel advice.

Travel company Stubborn Mule’s Liddy Pleasants told the Telegraph: “They’ll read all the reviews, spend ages on each hotel website, read blogs to check if there’s anything else they should be considering.

“They ask a lot of questions, really drill down into the detail, and will check and re-check that they have everything exactly right.”

Men, however, she said are more “decisive” but book a holiday more impulsively with less research.

A doorman outside the lobby of Fasano of a high end members only hotel that offers only long term stays.  Fasano, a luxury hotel in Brazil, has opened its first NYC outpost.
Women tend to research more about hotel accommodations, according to scientific studies.
Stephen Yang

This was reiterated by Director of psychology consultancy Perform & Grow, Sally Evans, who said that out of 32 studies, 12 found women were more analytic when it came to making decisions, while men were “more inclined to go with a hunch”.

And the Skyscanner research even found that a third of men even think women are better at booking holidays than they are.

A 2017 study found that women do much more of the organizing for a holiday too.

Women tend to do the packing, arrange the travel insurance and ask neighbors to water the plants while they’re away, while men book airport parking and buy foreign money.

  Some people wearing masks, and other deciding not to wear them at LaGuardia Airport.  Here, a passanger walks through the airport without a mask.
Psychology expert Sally Evans argues men make more impulsive decisions while traveling.
Gregory P. Mango

The study also found it’s typically up to women to renew expired passports, get someone to look after pets while they’re away and get someone to put the bins out.

Commissioned by Airport Parking & Hotels, the research also found 66 percent of men think they do most of holiday organizing.

But 72 percent of women reckon they tend to do the bulk of it.

Spokesman Nick Caunter said: “The research suggests there are particular tasks men are more inclined to do and ones women have a tendency to sort.

“Perhaps we tend to carry out particular tasks because they are suited to particular strengths or interests.”

In 2017, one man even took the wrong passport on holiday — then ended up 560 miles in the wrong location.

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This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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