World of Rune Is a Colorful, Innovative New MMORPG – Play It Now on Game Hollywood

Popular browser gaming platform Game Hollywood Games (GHG) has just welcomed another new title to its stable, and it looks like a winner.

World of Rune is an MMORPG with tons of characters, a menagerie of adorable pets, and some gorgeous card designs.

Gameplay-wise, it sees you starting out a novice character before letting you choose a class once you’ve earned the privilege.

You can play as a Swordsman, a Mage, an Archer, or a Cleric, each class coming with its own unique skills and abilities.

Once you’ve picked a class, you’re off to seek adventure in a colorful fantasy world filled with dramatic environments, powerful magic, and monsters. So many monsters.

One the aces World of Rune has up its sleeve is a unique card system. There are more than 100 different cards in the game, all of them featuring their own stats and powers.

You’ll need to collect these cards and level them up to unlock abilities and defeat a series of increasingly tough bosses and monsters.

The Partner Formation system is another ace card. World of Rune lets you call on the best fighters in the game to fight by your side, which can be crucial in a jam.

Human and Animal Companions

You collect these partners as you travel through World of Rune’s sprawling continent, adding them to your formation as you go. A good partner lets you enter more difficult dungeons and join more difficult battles.

And you can have animal companions, too. World of Rune features a pet system, which sees you collecting and growing mystical pets. You can capture and raise the monsters you find in dungeons, too.

World of Rune is an MMORPG, of course, so loot is the name of the game. Defeating dungeon bosses lets you claim drops.

The loot you collect allows you to increase your EXP and level up your character, granting you access to tougher dungeons, and so it goes in a virtuous circle of RPG goodness.

To get in on the action, head to the GHG website and start playing World of Rune for free right now.

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